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The Competitive Advantage

MI-KRO’s e-Business solutions allow you to have total control of internal and external purchases for your sales support materials, and inventory management. With some of our clients, we share a consultant relationship – integrating only the essential MI-KRO services required. MI-KRO will work together with you to build your business and database using data acquisition techniques to increase traffic and conversion.

MI-KRO’s software is designed specifically to provide sophisticated analysis and reports needed to make better procurement decisions.

Our applications are superior to the time-consuming and often inaccurate manual process for coordinating suppliers and inventory of sales and marketing materials. MI-KRO uses the power of the internet to simplify the source selection process, making it faster, easier and extremely efficient. It streamlines even the most complex tasks and lets you apply strategic sourcing to provide the best value for your budget.

Our tracking reports measure all inventory status: usage, receiver reports, item by territory, back orders, usage by rep, low and out, out of stock, receiver register, monthly turn and quantities. Our ultimate goal is to help you access live-time reports which provide accurate inventory management and fulfillment. This saves you time and corporate resources, so you can focus on developing new markets and new products without the inefficiency of cumbersome, outdated internal systems.

Custom Modules
Client specific application development of inventory management and workflow systems

  • Inventory Management Systems – IMS
  • Content Management System – CMS
  • Print On Demand – POD

All the tools necessary to manage your eCommerce presence with product on demand

  • Total integration of order processing, shopping cart interface, credit card, production management and shipping
  • Security
  • Hosting & Data Storage
  • Disaster Recovery