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We’ve learned no two companies are the same and one-size does not fit all. Our web designers and programmer consultants are able to quickly modify, and customize our databases and maintain web sites in order to cater to your specific business needs.

MI-KRO’s technology has helped its clients to efficiently connect and optimize potential resources and analyze accurate, up-to-the minute spending. MI-KRO’s system provides structured modules for managing and integrating workflow management, custom orders, accounting reports, and specific user profiles. This allows a more complete performance evaluation for future consideration.

MI-KRO has in place an Oracle based relational database for both inventory and customer web-based ordering. This technology allows us the ability to meet your requirements and is able to interface with a large number of existing programs and databases.

MI-KRO is highly skilled and fully staffed in all areas of e-Business, and regularly consults clients regarding their web based business needs. We assist in defining both the purpose and the objectives of developing an e-Business solution. MI-KRO’s Interactive expertise includes web designers, database and application integration, shopping cart development, web site optimization, hosting and maintenance.

All the tools necessary to manage your eCommerce presence with product on demand

  • Total integration of order processing, shopping cart interface, credit card, production management and shipping
  • Security
  • Hosting & Data Storage
  • Disaster Recovery

Warehouse & distribute your products.
– Inventory Control Management
– Inventory On Demand
– Print On Demand
– Data Management, Mailings, and Assembly

Customer Service
Allow our experienced team to handle all your customer support needs.

  • Call Center
  • Client Account Management
  • Program/Store Administration

Our experienced staff have been successfully delivering savings to clients since the initial version of our dedicated team approach launched in 1983. Our client retention has proven the test of time. For over thirty years, MI-KRO has made support services our only business. We can proudly say, our original clients continue to value our reliability and remain as loyal partners with us today.